Wetenschap Leestijd: 16 november 2019
Tackling Social Media Abuse? Critically Assessing English Football’s Response to Online Racism. Kilvington, D. & Price, J. (2019).

Although English football has, to some extent, managed the problem of racism in and around football matches, recent years have seen an increase in football-related racist content published on social media. Footballers are frequently the target or subject of such abuse and occasionally the source of it.

In this context, this article explores and critically assesses the response of English football’s institutions, organisations, and clubs to the problem of racism on social media. Its findings are based on interviews with key officials from the Professional Footballers’ Association and Kick It Out and with safeguarding and media officers from football clubs across the English Premier League and English Football League.

It concludes there are a number of systematic failings undermining or hindering football’s attempts to address this issue including poor coordination, a lack of clear guidelines, ad hoc educational provision, a shortage of resources, and a culture of secrecy at many clubs. This article concludes with some recommendations about how these weaknesses may start to be improved.

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