Wetenschap Leestijd: 16 november 2021
Race Representation Index 2021. Sporting Equals.

The Race Representation Index (RRI) has been developed by the Sport Monitoring Advisory Panel (SMAP) which was established by Sporting Equals in February 2021 to hold account publicly funded sporting organisations and sport clubs. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 and the death of George Floyd, the Panel felt the sector was at a pivotal point where evidence was needed to demonstrate the progress being made in sport, its management and decision making from a race
equality perspective.

Whilst SMAP is made up of some former athletes who may have previous links with the participating governing bodies, none of the individuals on the Panel had any contact with any National Governing Bodies, (NGBs) about the RRI throughout the pre-invitation, invitation, or reporting period. We do not consider there to be scope for any potential conflict of interests to have impacted on the exercise.

The RRI was created purely on the basis of information volunteered by the NGBs. The Race Representation Index (RRI) is based on a score card template developed to grade hiring practices in professional and college sport based in the USA. The original score card focuses on the men’s and women’s National Basketball Associations (NBA and WNBA, respectively), Major League Soccer MLS), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL) and College Sports.

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