Wetenschap Leestijd: 16 november 2021
National report - TACKLE project. Lienden, A. van & Sterkenburg, J. van (2021).

In the Netherlands – not dissimilar to many other national contexts - both professional and grassroots
football are often lauded as great social equalizers and meritocratic spaces. Reality, however, often proves to be more ambivalent. Besides its potential for being a progressive site, football also tends to
mirror and at times magnify wider societal issues.

This is also the case regarding various forms of discrimination. When looking at the most frequent perpetrators and victims of discrimination in Dutch football and how this discrimination relates to wider societal configurations and patterns of discrimination it will be helpful to look at the three most frequently identified forms of discrimination separately (although they are interlinking and occasionally overlap). These are 1) discrimination based on ‘race’, ethnicity, culture and religion 2) sexism and homophobia, and 3) antisemitic chants (Romijn & Van Kalmthout, 2018; Cijfers in Beeld, 2020).

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